The Project "fit 4 future with green skills"


CEDEFOP, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, states in the report 'Skills for Green Jobs' that understanding the environmental impact of an occupation needs to be mainstreamed into education and training systems.To reach the European goal for a better sustainable environmental development is only possible by increasing the green skills of all people, especially the named target groups of this project. 

The project group identified in their own countries the same challenges in the work with workers, jobless persons or persons who being prepared for work (students, pupils). So the need for further specialised education and training became obviously. That was the starting point for this project "fit 4 future" (f4f).

As an example we call CPC Austria’s developed trainings as part of an environmental management system in more than 5000 companies worldwide. The lessons learned showed clearly that we need more green skills by all different workers for a better performance of such systems. With this experience 2010 CPC Austria developed a special training model to address these needs to enhance 'green skills'. Already a few months after the developing process CPC Austria launched the first training module with the name “ECOPROFIT Assistant” (EA) in Austria for various target groups with an excellent feedback.


Project objectives

The main objectives of this project are:

- to standardize the curriculum of the training module ECOPROFIT Assistant (European standard)
- to adapt it to special needs of the workplace in European countries
- to modify the trainings booklets and materials
- to test it with pilot courses in various groups with following fine-tuning
- to transfer the train the trainer concept
- to set up certification boards to assure the sustainability of the product
- to share the lessons learned
- to prepare for further dissemination within Europe

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