ECOPROFIT (Environmental) Assistant

About the ECOPROFIT Assistant

By introducing the ECOPROFIT training course to the British market we intend to raise awareness of ecological and environmental issues that are affecting people’s personal as well as professional environment. Furthermore, participants shall understand why it is so important that we look after our environment and most of all how we can do that. As a result we want them to enhance their competency profile when it comes to career development, applications for an employment and to their lifestyles. The course combines a practical toolkit of interventions to reduce your ecological footprint that can be integrated into private or professional fields.

Based on our previous dissemination activities we felt the need to change the name of the training course from Ecoprofit to EAM – Environmental Awareness & Management as the original title wasn’t applicable to the UK.

The EAM Certification course addresses the current need to understand environmental issues affecting each one of us and the professional environments we work in. The course combines a practical toolkit of interventions to reduce your ecological footprint that can be intergrated into private or professional fields.

Aims of the ECOPROFIT training concept

Our biggest long-term aim is to establish Ecoprofit as a valuable training concept which:

- Positively changes people's behaviour and attitude towards our environment,
- Can be part of everybody's career development,
- Provides knowledge & expertise that increase the chance of employment, and
- Becomes more and more vital to businesses as part of their policies

Benefits for Professionals

Advantages for Employers:

1. Improves your business profile and marketability to customers, increasing sales and customer loyalty

2. Increases your organisations ability to attract and retain business and customers

3. Reduction in energy use and waste means a reduction in operational costs for your business, pre-empting a move to carbon taxation

4. Being able to differentiate yourself from the competition by doing something about becoming more sustainable

5. Fostering an understanding of sustainability among employees which go beyond the work setting, which will enhance job satisfaction

Advantages for Employees:

1. Awareness of ecological and environmental issues affecting personal and professional settings

2. Useable toolkit of interventions to reduce your personal and corporate ecological footprint

3. Enhancing your competency profile

4. Continued Professional Development opportunities

Pupils & Students

Environmental education brings the real world into the classroom, empowering pupils and students to make a positive impact on their own live and the world. If we want to get students more involved in solving environmental problems of today and the future, environmental education is essential. Besides raising awareness of particular environmental problems, the EAM training course encourages pupils & students to explore their own values and feelings about the environment. They will develop necessary skills which will enable them to get actively involved. Motivated by the training course, pupils & students are engaged and willing to take action for a more sustainable future.

Advantages for Pupils & Students:

1. Engaging with knowledge and expertise around Sustainability,
Energy and Waste can influence personal life and life-style choices
positively, leading to more sustainable homes and communities

2. Early engagement with the topics can result in students becoming
"experts" and leaders at a young age, inspiring and engaging others in
the debate

3. Exposure to different career paths/ opportunities and supporting
informed carer choices (requiring specific knowledge, eg

4. The knowledge can be replicated by students and shared with others,
enabling them to inspire and to take practical action in their home
and/ or community now (and in the future)

Education Centre

Being registered as an education centre that conducts the apprenticeship ECOPROFIT assistant enables new opportunities, for example, partnerships with educational establishments as well as with trainers and auditors.

Trainer / Teacher

The trainings module of ECOPROFIT assistant is a practical based course that helps you to develop and further your green skills. The provided teaching and learning aides aim for comprehensive content that can be easily taught and understood. In addition, the material goes into the respective national and regional curriculums. This training course can therefore be viewed as providing practical tools that will allow the content to be easily understood.


The examination of ECOPROFIT assistant provides a digital opportunity to check how your knowledge is progressing. The automatically generated online exams test the candidates of their gained knowledge. The questions are constructed the way that they require a full understanding of the content rather than knowledge that’s committed to memory.