fit 4 future Dissemination

Efficient spread of information about the project "fit 4 future" and the developed product - the ECOPROFIT Assistant training - requires some dissemination activities, which are an integrated part of the project work.

Dissemination material

The CPC Austria together with all the project partners developed the ECOPROFIT Assistant flyer as marketing material. This is designed to spread a short product description and useful information on the training towards the target groups and all who are interested in the project and the EA training.

Download the ECOPROFIT Assistant flyer in

>> english
>> german
>> czech
>> polish
>> italian



Dissemination activities

To spread information about the ECOPROFIT Assistant and the project "fit 4 future" some activities are planned in the project:

short-term activities: 

-   acquisition of prospect EA trainers
-   acquisition of test clients

medium-term activities:

-   dissemination concept for VET centres
-   dissemination concept for schools
-   roadshows in each country: for VET centres and schools

long-term activities:

-   set up National Contact Points in each country
-   set up Certification Boards in each country
-   launch of a global information plattform
-   launch local information subpages


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