Output 1: EA Training

ECOPROFIT Assistant training in five languages (german, english, italian, czech, polish) is:

- an important evidence for `green skills` and ecological expertise

- the foundation for a sustainable professional career

This european-wide training concept is based on the environmental training developed in Austria but includes country-specific content. Also the trainers are asked to use their own well-proven methodologies. Examples, group work and different kind of media are highly appreciate to use during the trainings. 

Output 2: EA Materials

The EA materials, available in all five languages and slightly adapted according country-specific framework conditions contain:

- EA curriculum
- EA training booklet
- EA practical exercises (examples, practical works etc.)
- EA training slides
- EA online testing
- EA certicficates

Output 3: EA Train the Trainer

The training of trainers as multipliers, is an essential part of sustainable establishment of the EA training in our partner countries. To create a pool of skilled multipliers an international train the trainer seminar will be held. In addition, if necessary, national train the trainer seminars will be conducted to enlarge the number of ECOPROFIT Assistant trainers. 

The main ouput is to

- create a curriculum for train the trainer seminars
- create requirements/skills for potential trainers
- transfer the teaching/training knowledge and methodologies in the train the trainer seminar in Graz
- create a train the trainer booklet (manual for trainers)
- evaluate the TtT process and modify the training concept
- create requirements/skills for auditors

List of EA trainers

EA trainer.pdf (207,4 KiB)

List of EA auditors

EA auditor.pdf (200,2 KiB)

Output 4: EA Pilot Trainings

The EA Pilot Trainings with online testing & certification aim to

- two pilot trainings in each partner country with different target groups (employees, unemployeds, students/pupils).
- an evaluation of both trainings to gather experience and feedback and collect suggestions for improvement.
- create a working group which summarizes all the suggestions (also in the future) from all countries and incorporating into     the ECOPROFIT Assistant materials as a standard.

In numbers: a total number of 10 ECOPROFIT Assistant trainings should be conducted with a minimum of 70 trained persons and a minimum of 70 e-tests being performed. 

Try an exam and get used to the online testing platform with the practice test

Output 5: NCP

The envisaged output of an establishment of National Contact Points in all 5 partner countries includes further activities with additional results:

- an international searchable website with information about ECOPROFIT Assistant Training and further information 
- marketing concepts for the ECOPROFIT Assistant training for the target group VET centers, schools or labour market agencies
- each partner country organized an information session for VET centers, schools and labour market agencies
- Finally, each country develops a dissemination concept for the following 2 years beyond the project period.

The National Contact Points in the partner countries will be in charge of the activities.

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