fit 4 future Partners

Since the start of the project the project partners act as National Contact Points for ECOPROFIT. They are responsible for dissemination of information on the training and can be contacted also in other ECOPROFIT-related questions.

Österreich - CPC Austria GmbH
Cleaner Production Center Austria GmbH
Kärntner Strasse 311
8054 Graz - Austria
P: +43 / 664 / 969086-0

Description and role in project

Over the past 16 years the CPC Austria has gained experience in the field of consultancy, training and certification around the world. CPC Austria has developed the ECOPROFIT Assistant Training in 2010 and will guide and manage the project as the lead partner.

Česko - bit cz s.r.o.

bit cz training s.r.o
Vinohradská 29/93
12000 Prague - Czech Republic
T: +420 222 726 024

Description and role in project

bit cz is a training organisation with vast experience in adult education in Czech Republic. Many of their trainings and consultancy projects are aimed on international companies. They will be the responsible partner for the transfer of the training module.

Polska - CTC Sp.z.o.o.

CTC Sp.z.o.o.
ul Reymonta 29
45-072 Opole - Poland
P.:  +48 77 402 1570

Description and role in project

CTC Sp.z.o.o. is a progressive company specialized on educational programs for organizations and companies of all types and sizes. CTC  has a lot of experience in the field of entrepreneurship educational projects like the  "Entrepreneurs' Skills Certificate". The organisation will be responsible for the Train the Trainer seminar and its accompanying activities.

Italy - Training 2000

Training 2000
Via Piano S. Michele, 47/a
61040 Mondavio (PU) - Italy
P.:  +39 0721 979988ö

Description and role in project

Training 2000 is a VET organization certified in the Marche Region in Italy. Since 1992 Training 2000 has been involved in international projects with partners from most European countries. They are continuously promoting adult training for apprenticeship, employed, unemployed but also for communities.
Training 2000 will be the responsible partner for the pilot trainings.

England - One Planet Ventures

One Planet Ventures Ltd
Shakespeare Business Centre
245a Coldharbour Lane
SW9 8RR London - United Kingdom
P: +44 79 40044379

Description and role in project

One Planet Ventures Ltd a spin out of Embrace Ltd has vast experience in technical environmental training and transfer projects. Embrace has a lot experience with technical environmental trainings (Renewable Energy Specialists (RES)) and works specially with the target groups needed in the project.

One Planet Ventures substitutes Embrace as a partner in the project from October 2013 on. They will be the coordinator for dissemination in the project.


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